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Very late 2017 thoughts

Here we are then well into 2018 already and fashionably late i find myself wanting to reflect on 2017.

How to start? Well for many reasons 2017 was a total rollercoaster, big changes at the day job that has had an impact in many ways (that I won’t go into any details on) Lots of family sickness has meant some worry as well. Some quality time has been spent with with my bonkers family and the bond with my 2 youngest grandchildren has grown even stronger. They really do have my heart and this I am grateful for.

Party wise has been an immense year for me. Brighter Days is going from strength to strength. We had some really good parties last year and one of the highlights was our SummerHouse party. Who would have thought so many would attend. This is a massive undertaking for us, some of you will know the sort of work that goes into an event like this. Needles to say we had a tonne of help. everyone volunteered to make the event the success it was. Trust me it wasn’t without its issues. all that said after many very long conversations we have decided to take the plunge and do it all again this year at a different yet to be announced venue. Plans are already well underway. A big thank you too all that helped out last year and have already offered for this year. Of course we had many other events both at the Fez and the Academy all of which went very well. We have a good team of residents now and are finding our balance. Lots of exciting things I’m dying to say about this years plans but thats for another day. Bump N Hustle in Bournemouth has also been great, again run by a great team its a real pleasure to be able to play this event. What a strong event this is and as before some very exciting news about Bump to come for this year. Vocal Booth Weekender! What can I say that hasn’t already been said? An absolutely stella event and one I have so much to thank for. I often wonder if it wasn’t for this event would I be doing what I do today? Who can say but no denying it has had a huge impact on so many that attend. I have also had the great pleasure of playing lots of other parties this year such has the Tempo night in Manchester (that was really fun!) The Lodge in Ware and White Hart In Hertfordshire have had me play almost every month throughout 2017. Thanks to the Friday Fox team for the continued work. I was lucky enough to get back to Suncebeat for the first time in 5 years, A total last minute whirlwind that was a lot of fun. So glad I caught up with a few people I had not seen in a long time at this. We will be back this year in force.

Production wise absolutely zero! Why? Thats a good question, I have tinkered a little but to be honest with the day job, family and all the DJ stuff i’m just not finding the time and every time i do sit down to try and get an idea down it just has not felt right. Saying that I do have one track in the works, only time will tell if it actually comes to fruition.

We are all getting older and although my passion for music and DJing is as strong as ever 2017 has certainly been a testing one for me and many others. My thoughts go out too all that are dealing with stress, depression, Illness and any other of life challenges that get thrown at you.

Lets smash 2018 😉

Post Tempo Mix

What a blast Tempo was on Saturday!!

I have had so many people ask for track ID’s etc and the set itself was not recorded so I have just drunk a bottle of wine and recreated what I played on the night thanks to the Rekordbox history feature, I would’ve never remembered exactly what I played in what order other wise.

So here it is a re-creation of Saturdays set at Tempo in Manchester.

1 Baby C’mon (Remastered) – Aqua Bassino

2 Wanna Be Happy – Basement Boys(DJ Spen & David Anthony DA Vibes Remix)

3 Use Me MK Mix – R-TYME

4 I Can Hardly Wait  (Eightball Vocal Mix) – Victor Simonelli Ebony Soul

5 The Murder Track – Mike Delgado

6 Tracks – Josh Butler

7 Touch The Sky – Chris Rob, Darryl James

8 My Heart Belongs To You – Jon Cutler

9 What It Feels Like (Quentin Harris Club Mix) – Joi Cardwell, Quentin Harris

10 We Magnify His Name – Floorplan

11 My Beat (Spaced Out Beat) (David Harness Remix) – Kevin Hedge

12 Smile (feat. Eric Biddines) (Fouk Dub) – Kraak & Smaak

13 Callin You Lord (Yass Main Mix) – Johnny Dangerous ft. Kenny Bobien

14 Flowered Tears (Michele Chiavarini & DJ Spen Remix) – S.E.L

15 God Made Me Phunky (Original Mix) – MD X-Spress

16 Howsmusic – – Detroit Swindle

17 Pride – Osunlade

18 Walkin on thin ice – David Morales

19 Valley of House (Acapella) – London Residents, Roland Clark

20 Life For Livin – Ron Trent

21 Dear Friend (Loftsoul 2013 Remix) – Loftsoul feat. Lisa Millett Loftsoul

22 Sinfonia Della Notte – Dennis Ferrer

Deep Mix

Deep Mix

A new House mix from me, a little deeper this time around.

I hope to see some of you a Tempo in Manchester this weekend.


Earth Tax – Flute Track

Sebastian Davidson – Kvaran

4004 – Guilt Is My Shadow

Fish Go Deep – Baby Tell Me

Jovonn – Cant Hold Back

Passion Dance Orchestra – Worlds

Soul Renegades – Thank You

Johnny Fiasco – Matters Of Sound

Stan Serkin  – Save Me

Lemon and Herb – Heaven

Nutown Soul – Stay – Manoo Mix

Steve Paradise – Zultan


Tempo Mix

Tempo Mix

I have been asked to play at the Tempo party in Manchester on August 19th so here is a house mix I have done for them.

You can find full details of the every by clicking here


Live at Brighter Days

Live at Brighter Days

Hi all been a while (so slack I know)

This is a bit of a strange one and only really documenting for myself, We recorded all sets from Brighter Days with Paul Trouble Anderson on February 18th but unfortunately the recorder wasn’t plugged into the mixer correctly so we have this recording that is not great sound quality but captures the crowd noise. the energy on that night was brilliant so although not a great recording its fun listen.