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Brighter Days EP


My new EP is now released on the  Timeless People label.

Jean Honeymoon and I first met through the Scottish duo A Deeper Groove. Having already worked with Jean on a remix or two we decided to get together and write some music of our own with a view to showcasing the different musical styling’s of Blackwax.

The Title track Brighter Days takes a nod back to the boogie sounds of the 80’s a big part of my youth and music I still play in sets today. Strangely enough the title couldn’t have been more apt as I now play a regular party in Cambridge called Brighter Days, a total but pleasant coincidence.

Could this be the start is a mellow number inspired by the soulful crossover sound of dance music. Jean seemed a perfect fit with those wonderful soulful jazz tones.

I’ll Be With You is a percussion laden number again with a heavy Jazz influence. Brian Keys Tharme did the business on this with lush strings and a mariba that sticks with you. The Jazz bass compliments Jeans vocals and adds to that Jazz sensibility.

Overall this project was a joy to create and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it.

You can purchase the EP HERE

Vocal Booth Weekender 2013 Poolside Mix

I posted this selection up in 2013 linked to the Vocal Booth weekender mix section. As the years have gone on the links have been replaced with mixes from the years after.

I lost my copy  but was sent it again recently, After another listen I thought it was worth a repost here saved for ever.

If you like these vibes and you have not been to our wonderful gathering yet, this is just a small taste of what to expect.

For more information on the Vocal Booth Weekender Click Here


Brighter Days First Birthday!

We are proud to present a night of house music with special guest

The Legendary Paul Trouble Anderson

Support from Blackwax, CJ Cooper and Mike Granacki at our new venue the Academy Cambridge.

For full details and tickets please click here

End of year thoughts 2016

Fashionably late as we are already into 2017 but I was at a loose end and felt the urge to put some thoughts to paper.


2016 all in all was a very good year for me. I continued residencies at Bump N Hustle and my yearly pilgrimage to Spain for the fantastic Vocal Booth Weekender but also added a bi –monthly gig at the lodge in ware but most noteworthy was being able to work with a new promoter locally in Cambridge, the lovely Sarah Day who runs Brighter Days. She is simply great and her passion, attention to detail and work ethic is spot on. It really has been a pleasure to work with her on several events. Grant Nelson at the Fez, Jacfest in the summer and a whole host of things coming up in 2017! Stay tuned for some great parties throughout the year. Between Vocal Booth, Brighter Days and the legendary Bump N Hustle events I feel very satisfied as far as playing out goes. All the people involved in running those events are very special and I am glad to know each and every one of them. It’s spurred me on to push a little more this year and see where it leads. Already have been booked to play the SSW pool party with Mood II Swing and have a big summer party lined up along side my other residencies but certainly room for more.


Late 2016 has seen me back in the studio a little after a long break. Just tinkering for now but I’m sure I will have something new to release soon. As well as my first solo EP due out on Simon Schoolboy Philips new label Timeless People.


The year was also great for other reasons; I lost weight starting exercising and eating better throughout the summer months. I don’t mind admitting I fell of the wagon after September and that only got worse over Xmas I put on a few pounds and I will shift them again although I do feel like I will become one of those that will work hard in the summer and not bother as much in the winter months.

I got to spend lots of time with the grandchildren too that is always fantastic and love the relationship we have, truly special.


There has been some stressful times and annoyances throughout the year too its not all roses but thanks to friends generally all is good. I managed to have a lovely week away in Spain staying with Andy Ward who graciously invited me over for a week of gym and sunshine, it was exactly what I needed at that time so have to say once again thank you!


I’m pretty excited about 2017 as far as music is concerned so lets catch up have a drink and a dance and share happy times together.


Much love to you all.

Brighter Days takes over the SSW Weekender

Brighter Days join Warren Thomson and Mood II Swing at SSW’s pool party. Held @ Stanwix 5 star Holiday Park, Silloth Nr Carlisle on the beautiful Solway Coast. June 9/10/11 2017 Follow link for full details. If anyone fancies joining us we will be making a group booking so come and join the fun!

Click here for details on the SSW Weekenderssw7weblogopinkx2