Deep Mix

Deep Mix

A new House mix from me, a little deeper this time around.

I hope to see some of you a Tempo in Manchester this weekend.


Earth Tax – Flute Track

Sebastian Davidson – Kvaran

4004 – Guilt Is My Shadow

Fish Go Deep – Baby Tell Me

Jovonn – Cant Hold Back

Passion Dance Orchestra – Worlds

Soul Renegades – Thank You

Johnny Fiasco – Matters Of Sound

Stan Serkin  – Save Me

Lemon and Herb – Heaven

Nutown Soul – Stay – Manoo Mix

Steve Paradise – Zultan


Tempo Mix

Tempo Mix

I have been asked to play at the Tempo party in Manchester on August 19th so here is a house mix I have done for them.

You can find full details of the every by clicking here


Live at Brighter Days

Live at Brighter Days

Hi all been a while (so slack I know)

This is a bit of a strange one and only really documenting for myself, We recorded all sets from Brighter Days with Paul Trouble Anderson on February 18th but unfortunately the recorder wasn’t plugged into the mixer correctly so we have this recording that is not great sound quality but captures the crowd noise. the energy on that night was brilliant so although not a great recording its fun listen.



Brighter Days EP


My new EP is now released on the  Timeless People label.

Jean Honeymoon and I first met through the Scottish duo A Deeper Groove. Having already worked with Jean on a remix or two we decided to get together and write some music of our own with a view to showcasing the different musical styling’s of Blackwax.

The Title track Brighter Days takes a nod back to the boogie sounds of the 80’s a big part of my youth and music I still play in sets today. Strangely enough the title couldn’t have been more apt as I now play a regular party in Cambridge called Brighter Days, a total but pleasant coincidence.

Could this be the start is a mellow number inspired by the soulful crossover sound of dance music. Jean seemed a perfect fit with those wonderful soulful jazz tones.

I’ll Be With You is a percussion laden number again with a heavy Jazz influence. Brian Keys Tharme did the business on this with lush strings and a mariba that sticks with you. The Jazz bass compliments Jeans vocals and adds to that Jazz sensibility.

Overall this project was a joy to create and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it.

You can purchase the EP HERE

Vocal Booth Weekender 2013 Poolside Mix

I posted this selection up in 2013 linked to the Vocal Booth weekender mix section. As the years have gone on the links have been replaced with mixes from the years after.

I lost my copy  but was sent it again recently, After another listen I thought it was worth a repost here saved for ever.

If you like these vibes and you have not been to our wonderful gathering yet, this is just a small taste of what to expect.

For more information on the Vocal Booth Weekender Click Here