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Amanda’s Day and more

Hi everyone

Firstly apologies for not uploading mixes and writing more on this site for way too long. Everyone that reads here knows me and knows my situation over the last 2 years. I have struggled and still continue to do so as I go through this journey of loss and grief. It has been very difficult to write anything here since Amanda passed away in November 2021 and as such have been putting this off. Being completely honest its also in part laziness as I have tried to focus on other things, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so much. I am still getting many messages, calls and visits from people which is invaluable.

All that aside after yesterdays Amandas day broadcast on pressure radio I have at long last been motivated enough to do this, boy I can be looooooong sometimes! The day was amazing, the pressure chat room was busy from the outset, all the DJ’s delivered amazing music and a few thoughtful special surprises dropped in. It was happy and tearful many times throughout the day. I had friends over so neglected that chat for a lot of the day. I did see some lovely comments, memories and pictures shared. When It came to my set I was a little drunk, emotional and couldn’t find the words to chat like I do in most of my other radio shows, however After the first hour I felt I had more to give and extended to a 2 hour long set. I am happy with my selection and managed to hold it down even if it was a little loose at times. My set is now on MixCloud and below as a limited download for the few people that have already asked me for it.

Hopefully I won’t leave it as long before my next post! Big love one and all.

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