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Amanda’s Day Thanks

I sit to write this with a banging head but a big smile!

Yesterdays event was so amazing, we laughed a lot, danced and even cried a little, Shots O’Clock was a thing again. (ouchy) Red wine and Spanish caramel vodka flowed freely. Every DJ delivered well thought out meaningful sets in celebration of Amanda its clear how very much she is loved by so many. Thank you to all the DJ’s for taking the time to share music on the day. Audio was broadcast on pressure radio so only fitting DJP gets a big thank you, he also shared an amazing set as one of the DJ’s on the day. The event was also broadcast on Mixcloud with visuals of the Vocal Booth events over the years, Mandy featured in much of this and was even looped for a while as she danced by the pool with her family, that bit had me welling up , this was a new extra for this year and certainly gave things an added dimension. If that wasn’t enough we had a Zoom room. In here we got to chat and see each other, many stayed for several hours as we drank, danced and laughed together. It was hard keeping up with all 3 platforms so apologies if we did not communicate with everyone all of the time, I was a little frustrated at points as didn’t want to anyone to feel like they had been ignored. The Zoom was a master stroke and became very obvious it was therapeutic to many in the call as people stated they had not done a video call like this throughout the entire lockdown! Last but far from least thank you to Andy Ward for continuing to “inspire and be inspired”. The entire day was his vision and he put it all together. He never asks for anything in return and must have taken weeks of planning and savvy to bring the entire day together. Big Up Wardy

From myself and Mandy we thank you all for joining us, it was truly special, can you imaging what scenes will be when we do it for real!!!

Im off now to go lie down in a dark room, Love ya x


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