Brighter Days EP


My new EP is now released on the  Timeless People label.

Jean Honeymoon and I first met through the Scottish duo A Deeper Groove. Having already worked with Jean on a remix or two we decided to get together and write some music of our own with a view to showcasing the different musical styling’s of Blackwax.

The Title track Brighter Days takes a nod back to the boogie sounds of the 80’s a big part of my youth and music I still play in sets today. Strangely enough the title couldn’t have been more apt as I now play a regular party in Cambridge called Brighter Days, a total but pleasant coincidence.

Could this be the start is a mellow number inspired by the soulful crossover sound of dance music. Jean seemed a perfect fit with those wonderful soulful jazz tones.

I’ll Be With You is a percussion laden number again with a heavy Jazz influence. Brian Keys Tharme did the business on this with lush strings and a mariba that sticks with you. The Jazz bass compliments Jeans vocals and adds to that Jazz sensibility.

Overall this project was a joy to create and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it.

You can purchase the EP HERE

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