Collaborate and Learn Session 3

If you are reading this for the 1st time please make sure you read the previous posts as they only make sense in order.

So the collaboration project with Danny is coming along nicely. We have to keep each video fairly short due to rendering and uploading restrictions but in each video there really are some great nuggets of useful information.

OK so we had another Skype session last night, the basic drums are down although will no doubt change somewhat throughout the process as things take shape. Next up will be some musical elements taking some form of style inspiration from Atjazz remix of the Rah Bands – Messages from the stars. The aim is not to copy this track but more a general feel in style.

The below video ends on a bit of a cliff hanger as Danny had disk space issues, I am sure most have fallen foul to that at some point in the past!

Check the video of last nights Skype call and feel free to leave your thoughts and idea’s

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