Collaborate and Learn

I have just started an exciting new project with pro producer Danny J Lewis.
Danny has been a pro producer and leading music tutorial guru for many years, he recently approached me on an idea he had involving collaborating on a track and recording the entire process as a series of tutorial video’s
Although I have been producing for a number of years and have several releases under my belt you can never stop learning and improving on your craft so the idea seemed a great one. I also liked that fact that the process would be documented and may help even in some small way any other producers.

Our 1st session was last night and you can watch the video below.
I hope to post regular blogs on this but please visit Danny’ page on Facebook

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  1. I believe this is going to be really helpful. Thnx for this brother(s) Steve & Danny. Looking forward to the Final Project!!!!

    Would also be great if you can hook up a vocalist as well, if possible by the way 🙂


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