End Of Year Chart. 30 pieces of music that moved me in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close I decided (for the first time ever) to write a list of music that moved me in 2013
I hope that in some way something catches your attention and makes you seek out some of the music in this list. 2013 has been a great year in so many ways it should warrant some sort of separate blog post. Im finding it difficult to find the time at the moment but who knows maybe I will be able to grab a moment over the Xmas break. In the mean time I wish you all well and happy holidays for those that are lucky enough to be able to take a break. For those that have to work I will raise a glass to you. See you on the other side!

Best of 2013

1.Kings of Tomorrow Ft April – Fall For You
A simple sing along soulful house record that is quite simple beautiful
2.B.J. Smith – Umni Says
A cover version at number 2! A sonic master piece sounds awesome on a sunny day
3.Lone – Airglow Fires
This is a bit of a marmite one, I have seen this destroy dance floors, Love it!
4.Lay-Far With Pete Simpson – Stand Up
Taken from the brilliant debut LP from Russia’s Lay-Far, You need this.
5.Bonobo – Cirrus
Overall I didn’t like the LP but this cut is totally hipnotic
6.Jacob Collier – Don’t You Worry About A Thing
Another cover version! What’s going on? look this one up on YouTube for the full effect from this very talented young lad.
7.Urban Sound Lab Ft Selina Cambell – Nothing New
Superb soulful house an amazing well-written song, catchy does not do it justice.
8.A Deeper Groove FT Jean Honeymoon – Life (ADG Broken Mix)
Scottish deep duo really nailed this one.
9.Soulful Session Ft Lynn Lockamy – Hostile Takeover
Another soulful dancer that delivers and damages dancefloors.
10.Bah Samba – Here For Now
A different sound for Bah Samba but this song was stuck in my head for months.
11.Mario Bondi – This Is What You Are (Opolopo Mix)
Strictly speaking a re-issue but very worthy of a position.
12.Pharrell Williams – Happy
Some claim this will bring a revial in Northern Soul I say its simply a great song.
13.Claes Rosen – Daydreaming
1st entry for Mad Matts Local Talk label what a year they have had!
14.Soul Renegades – Now Your Gonna Save Me
Phil Asher and the boys certainly made us wait for this piece of beautiful house.
15.HNNY – For The Very First Time
2nd entry for Local Talk, love the great use of the sample.
16.Moon Boots – Love Strong
Quality house music this did damage at a few VBW events this year.
17.Timmy Vegas Ft Kerry Davies – Get Yourself Together
Sounds just like an 80’s boogie record, what’s not to like about that!
18.Hackney Colliery Band – Inner City Life
A cover version with a difference, so good I purchased it on 7” vinyl.
19.Coleman Brothers – Another Brother (Remix)
Taken from one of my favourite Jazz albums this year a free 7” included in the pack.
20.Danism Ft Lem Springsteen – Extension
Well produced and a great vocal and song, that it really.
21.Azee Project Ft Daneil Reis – O Groove
Something about this stuck in my head, this is what I call deep house.
22.Detroit Swindle – Wrap Around
Didn’t get this at first then I witnessed the damage it did to dance floors.
23.Ron Basejam – Into My Life
Sublime soulful, electronic and musical. The intro and outro are dreamy.
24.Da Lata – Going Underground
You cant be serious? Another cover version? Big sing along in my car.
25.The Groovers – Make Me Feel
A very over looked soul cut, sounded great at this years Vocal Booth poolside.
26.NY*AK –Empty Promises
Proper Deep House, Oof those chords.
27.Atjazz & Julian Gomes – Turn Back To You
Cant have an end of year chart without man of the moment Atjazz.
28.Jamie 3:26 – Give Me Your Love
Chicago’s 3:26 brings the Chi Heat with this one.
29.Lay-Far – Tryptich
Second entry for Lay-Far this one on Fifty Fathoms Deep Label, those drums!
30. Revira Alias Estephe & Vulzor – Set It Out
Mad Matts GAMM Label brings this 80’s sounding boogie piece.

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