Gone but never forgotten

Legend is a word that can be banded around way too often these days but when we speak of Frankie Knuckles there never was a more apt description. Other wise known as the Godfather of House music Frankie’s career spans 4 decades and during this time has stayed relevant and true. His catalogue of remixes and productions are his lasting legacy. The Whistle Song , Tears, Baby Wants to Ride, Its Hard Sometime to name but a few are amongst some of house musics greatest moments, a benchmark for all others some might say.

I never met Frankie personally but social media has been awash with tales of his warm hearted nature. Yet another testament to the mans greatness.

Its a sad day indeed that at a young age of 59 Frankie has passed but his music will last for ever and I for one am choosing to celebrate his life by playing my way through everyone of the FK mixes and productions I own.

R.I.P Mr Frankie Knuckles

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