Ibiza thoughts

So I am back from my Ibiza trip and gave had time to reflect a little.

I was hesitant about this one as for years I have convinced myself I had missed the boat so to speak. I kept saying I’m not going as the modern Ibiza won’t compare to all those stories I have heard about the island from the early days.  So when I got an offer to meet with friends and spin a few tunes and a lot of persuasion from the wife I found myself heading to the island for a week.

First impressions as we headed from the airport to the hotel is dance music is king (as you would expect) every bill board was advertising the big clubs and it became obvious EDM was ruling these events.

We settled in and spent the first day on the beach, There is definitely a “good vibration” on the island. As I sat on the beach the warm undercurrent carries a breeze that gives things a certain good feeling, was I mistaken was this really going to be something special? That night we took the 40 min walk to Cafe Mambo etc for the sunset. The sunset is really special but at times felt like it was very pretentious and full of one upmanship. the music from 2 or more bars bled from one to another and I felt far from chilled. I did find a lovely local run small place with well priced drinks and good service just before you reach Cafe Del Mar etc, I felt far more comfortable here and proceeded to drink several large cocktails.

Day 2 we headed to Ibiza old town on the other side of the Island (we where staying in San Antonio Bay) The Old town is lovely and we headed up to the top of the castle (in the mid day heat) the views where fantastic but it was exhausting, luckily we found a brilliant cafe half way down with big cushions lining the old steps and some reggae playing. I could have sat there all day long but my better half was feeling unwell. I wasn’t ready to head back so Amanda headed off on the bus with her sister and I headed off to Playa D’en Bossa.  I had hoped to meet a few friends at this point but alas I couldn’t contact anyone, luckily I knew someone that runs a small bar on the beach and had a nice afternoon drinking and people watching. It seemed pointless heading back across the island as I was meeting people for the first party that night so I wandered around checked a few bars and generally drunk and eat till midnight. Off to EsVive for Soul Dynamics and Simon Schoolboy Phillips. Schooly missed his flight and to be honest after being in the sun all day I was beat up and left around 3am.

After a seeing both sides of the Island (I know there is so much more) my fears where beginning to be confirmed, Ibiza is expensive and very commercial but some real gems to be found. the few locals I met where great but all seemed sad at what the island had become.

Skipping onwards Saturday was the main event starting at Ocean Beach pool party then back to EsVive for the evening. I felt rough as! Sunstroke and a tummy bug wiped me out, although I struggled through drinking water, i was uncomfortable for most of the day. On reflection I should have bowed out and given up my DJ set but my pig headed stubbornness kicked in and I did my set. Well thats that one off the bucket list. Needles to say I didn’t make the entire night and again I left around 3am.

The next few days I met with more friends for relaxing drinks and lots of sitting in the shade. not too much to tell.

Overall illness aside I enjoyed the trip and I am sure there is more to the Island. I didn’t go to any big clubs at all maybe I should have? Will I rush back? Never say never but in all honesty its expensive, commercial and can’t help feel the soul is slowly being sucked from the island. I feel at this very moment I would rather go check some other places like Sunsplash in Turkey.

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