Its been a while

I have not posted for a while as life has been changing my priorities but tonight I felt the urge to write a post.

I have been really busy seeing family and friends mostly travelling around the M25 my favourite car park. Luckily I have had a few gigs in between.
The latest of which was the long standing Bump and Hustle party (Baby Bump) run by Bob Povey and Jon Coomer. It was an all day affair with it being a bank holiday. Having family in Bournemouth made it easy and we arrived a day early. In my mind we would chill out and eat some good food leaving lots of energy for a 4PM till 2Am party the next day. They obviously had a different idea to me. After a few drinks and a few more I realised it was the early hours of Sunday morning, oops. I woke up fairly early still but laid around in bed watching Breaking Bad on my iPad, How good is that show!
We grabbed some food and started drinking again. The day passed quickly and it was soon time to get going to the venue. We arrived at 4PM, those that know me will tell you I have a thing about getting to party’s at the start or at least early especially when I am playing. To my surprise it was looking busy already. A free BBQ and free entry had certainly tempted people out early. The day built nicely and I managed to pace myself as I was not playing until 11PM. The drinks flowed and we met with friends as Bob and Jon played nice soul sounds easing everyone in nicely. All the DJ’s played well and we all danced a lot. It was a great vibe. My slot followed the deepness of Wayne Bailey from Back In The Dark (Loved what he played) but I felt I needed to play a little more obvious so reached for some vocal business starting of with Kings Of Tomorrow – Fall for you, The crowd lapped it up singing along, this just gave me a boost and I was soon in full flow bouncing around behind the decks like a madman. Im sure someone has footage of that. Tanzlife – Hear Attack shook the place as did Ziggy Funk’s What You Afraid Of. My set flew by in the blink of an eye I could have played for a few hours easily. Its rare I get the chance to play a pure house set so I really made the most of this one. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur I think I hit burn out after that. We hung out and danced till about 2am then headed home. Next day a nice lie in followed by a day at the beach. I collapsed after a few glasses of wine on the sand and have been threatened with photographic proof ever since! All in all a great weekend and it’s made me all the more excited for the up and coming Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain 16 days and counting 🙂

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