Life is good

2014 feels different in some way. I have not made a conscious effort to change things in my life but somehow my priorities have shifted this year. Music has and always be a massive part of who I am and yet I am not having the continuous urge to go out every weekend and if I miss an event I am no longer bothered by it. I am still buying some great music and producing more than ever. I am even getting a few more gigs, its all very (cheesy word) organic.
I am loving remixing some great songs and working with the talented Brian Keys Tharme. I have 4 or 5 releases due at some point this year. I have given up trying to predict when as whenever I ask it always gets pushed back for whatever reason, the music industry is loooooooong. I’m OK with that though.
I am using my youtube channel a little more too. Uploading little clips of music I am working on with a small explanation of my process. These are not tutorials more a way of tracking my progress in some way and hopefully unwittingly giving the odd tip to a beginner. I also hope people will comment and give me some tips and advise.
I’m still seeing people complain online about the amount of bad music around but what are they actually doing to stop it? This maybe a way even if small of helping someone somewhere improve if only a little.

In my personal life I am at last making my house a home after being here for 7 years I am actually decorating, putting pictures and art up sorting the garden and even have plans on knocking the odd wall down to open things up a little. Wow am I sounding like Andy Ward or what?
The latest family member Evie 2 1/2 has captured my heart and is constantly on my mind. Maybe this is why my focus has changed this year? All in all I’m feel happy and contented at present. I am looking forward to the summer months but in reality I have no idea what gigs, party’s and festivals I will actually get too, would love to get to Ibiza, Croatia, Sunsplash Turkey and a whole lot more but in reality am unlikely to be able to attend any except Vocal Booth. yeah right I hear you say just like Southport for the last 3 years I say i’m not going, low and behold I have a ticket again this year. 2014 has been cracking so far, long may it continue.


  1. Great to read more positive vibes. ‘Folk’ are always quick to have a good moan, I don’t think enough people hold their head up high and shout loud and proud when things are going well for them. Good on ya, Sir !

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