Love Will Find A Way

Sometimes you get a call to play an event that you know from the outset will be musically diverse and open, so when Paul Darking (Good Times) asked me to play at a new party he was throwing along side my good friends Andy Barlow and Ben Saunders I knew this would be one of those times.
2 rooms of music meant upstairs was laying down the house vibes while downstairs was play anything you want as long as it wasn’t house music. We had no set time slots so we just played as and when we felt like it that may have been for half an hour or maybe just 2 records before the next one selected. This means I can’t say for sure who played what at any time, As it is 6 hours of music the session is split into 2 parts. Here if the first half to stream or download.
Side note the first half our or so some of the records so a bit “wonky” due to some of the 7″ singles bing off centre.

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  1. Loving this, Steve – have listened to vol 1 & 2 and back again for another session of eclecticism. Music (while I while I work) will always find a way!

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