Massive Modular Synth!

Geek post alert!
MIT build a huge modular synthesizer you control through the internet MIT is offering users the chance to play Dr. Joe Paradiso’s homemade synthesizer through the internet.

We can’t all fit a room-sized synthesizer in our flats, nor spend over a decade putting one together ourselves. Luckily, MIT has the storage space and Assistant Professor Joe Paradiso has the diligence to spend the better part of 1974 to 1987 putting together his own home-made synthesiser, dubbed PatchWerk. Named in tribute to the German synthpop pioneers Kraftwerk, Paradiso and the renowned research institute are giving the rest of the world the opportunity to enjoy all their hard work through interactive technology.

In a happy alliance of analogue and digital , they’ve set up an online interface on the MIT website that allows anyone to plug in and control a few knobs and switches of the monstrous creation remotely.
You will need Google chrome or Firefox to use this

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