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Maxwell Rees – A Soul Music Legend

I sit here with tears in my eyes and felt an overpowering urge to put pen to paper (virtually)

I have mentioned many times in interviews that Max Rees played an integral part in introducing me to soul music and shaping my musical taste, I first met Max in the late 80’s through his Cambridge record shop Hot Numbers. It was an amazing place, i proper messy unorganised gold mine of all things vinyl (Thats RECORDS to you and me) I visited regularly digging though piles of music while he placed various pieces on the turntable for my attention. After being a regular for many years I was given access to the basement. Again an unorganised mess but a crate diggers heaven. We formed a friendship and on may occasion was asked to keep an eye on things while he popped out.

Eventually we started attending Soul events together and as Max did not drive I often took the helm travelling to soul events, all dayers and weekenders together. He introduced me to the likes of the Southport Weekender, The Norfolk Village, Bump N Hustle, The Bull in Royston, Frames, Boat party’s on the Norfolk broads, Essex Soul All Dayers and much more.

Anyone that attended the Southport Weekender back in the day at the original venue will know, when you arrived and walked in the first thing you would see was Max on his record stall which was located in the main venue as soon as you entered. Myself and a few other Cambridge, local lads worked for many a happy year on the stall. It was a meeting place for many and as such we where introduced to many people such as Frosty, Sean French, Mark Webster, Gary Dennis, all of which hung out at the stall for many an hour.

Put all of this together and its no wonder I cite Max as being one of my biggest influences and mentors, he actually pushed me as a DJ and got me some gigs that to this day I will ever forget. Without Max I very much doubt if I would be doing what I do today!

He certainly made his mark on the world and is often called the local legend. I am grateful out paths collided and the journey he made me start.

Rest in eternal peace my friend, mentor and someone who helped shape who I am today.


  1. A fitting tribute to your friend. When the time is right I know a radio show dedicated to him will surface. One love.

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