New Year New Me?

I always intended this site to be used for all my music things and that only but it seems to also be a great way to record certain other things that happen in my life. I don’t really expect many people to read this its more of a personal record but who knows it may in some small way inspire someone.

Its only half way through January and already its off to a flying start personally.

Although I have no gigs lined up (Except Bump and Hustle in March) and no production works in progress but I have made some positive changes in my life already. Firstly although I have not changed my job but I have set up my own limited company and will be invoicing my work rather than relying on an umbrella company (I won’t go into what that is) I found this very daunting and it took me an age to decide to do it. I am convinced I will now be better off for a host of reasons. To many that are already self employed this may not seem a big thing but its a massive change for me.

Secondly I have decided to make a lifestyle change and get fit, So many people think about this in January but the seed was sown in November while I was away in Vietnam and Cambodia. As well as being in the sunshine and eating healthily I was getting up very early and on one occasion I decided to run along the beach. Nothing out of the ordinary except I have not run since I was a boy. I have not been happy with my body shape for a few years and can no longer fit into some of my favourite clothes. That day after my very short run I decided enough is enough and I had to do something to change. December and Xmas was not going to be a good time for such a change so I waited until January. I now run every other day following the NHS couch to 5K plan (its an app on my phone) and have just started some HIIT (High intensity training) as well as adjusting my diet. I have cut out all chocolate, cakes and sugar while also watching portions, carbs etc. 2 things in the last week have really helped me in this. Firstly the Keep Fit group I am a member of in Facebook and secondly a brilliant book called Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks. An easy to follow plan of exercise and diet. Look him up if you are thinking of getting fit.

Its only 2 weeks in and I am already seeing my energy levels change along with my mood! The coming weeks and months should be really interesting. Next time we see each other I should be jumping around the dance floor with much more energy 🙂

Cant wait to record the changes and progress here I am truly excited about this.

For those that subscribe I hope this wasn’t too much of a bore to read, see you at a party soon.


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  1. Excellent Steve. Well done and best of luck. Thanks for the links. Am also moving health and fitness up the priority list and just signing up for the North London half marathon in March. Definitely a timely and just message. Keep sharing good man. Happy 2016 😉

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