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Hi all

How are things with you?

Things are a little crazy in Blackwax world but in a good way. My mind is constantly racing right now as busy planning lots of stuff for this year. Loads of party’s to plan lots of other events I have been asked to play at too. Aside from that its my 20th Wedding anniversary this year so some things planned for that too (I won’t say too much on that just in case my dear wife actually reads this) We have a road trip organised and I am also taking her to Croatia (Suncebeat) for the first time. Some of you already no we are renewing our wedding vows in Spain right before the Vocal Booth party in September, all this coupled with a potential new business venture, holding down a full time job and squeezing in time with the grand kids i’m feeling a bit crazy at present.¬†Definitely not complaining quite the opposite in fact its good to be busy.

I am thinking of starting a monthly presented podcast not live or on radio but definitely with some mic talk rather than just a mix show, what do you think? Would you listen? Let me know in the comments.

As I take time to gather my thoughts I felt compelled to write this blog . Most will probably not find it of interest but wanted to document things in some way. I said to myself I wasn’t going to promote anything specific in this post but as always some artwork was completed today so just can’t help but share this with you. SummerHouse new artwork does look rather good!

One last thing I am now doing a news letter maybe once a month, why not subscribe to get more news straight to your inbox unless you only have email on your phone and always have 60000 unread emails then probably best not to bother. xx

Hope to see some of you soon, thanks for reading my ramblings, big love.


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  1. Good to hear all the positive news. I’m also going to make the time to do another podcast and look forward to hearing your selection and ramblings. I still listen to the one you did a few years ago for the summer vb party. See you in September for the renewal of your vows not forgetting of course Amanda.

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