My name is Blackwax or just plain Steve Reed and I have had the pleasure of playing music to people as a DJ for over 30 years now.

for most of my adult life I worked in record shops and then had the pleasure of running a shop that some friends started, this is how the name Blackwax came into being (Blackwax Records.)  I have listened and collected a wide range of music, including soul, house, disco, hip-hop and more; I still incorporate many of these styles into my DJ sets and productions.

As a  producer I released tracks with artists and labels including Tone Control Music, Pirahnahead, Poji Records, Jazzloungerz, Canvas, SOL, Soul Free, A Deeper Groove, Soulfunktion and Tony Humphries Tony Records.

Varying my styles, I always try to evolve and keep the sound fresh and current whilst remaining influenced by my musical past.

I hold residencies at Bump N Hustle in Bournemouth and the Vocal Booth Weekender every year in Spain along side doing local parties such as Brighter Days and more.

So thats me a nice bloke that loves to share his passion for music to a smiling dance floor.


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