Southport Weekender Big 50!

SP Big 50

Ok so I’m back from the weekender after saying for the 3rd year running I’m not going.

Where to start? I could do a blow by blow account of the DJ’s and live acts I heard but to be honest a lot of it is a blur.

I will say that I really enjoyed this one, although its always a great event for some reason there was a very special atmosphere in the air, was it because it was the 50th? Was it because I was in a good state of mind? We will never no but all I can say is every single person I met was in a great mood, every stranger I passed said hello and smiled from the moment we arrived.

Highlights Archie Bell, Chaka Khan, Ben UFO, Jimpster, Neil Pierce, Spen, Basement Boys, Lay-Far and Jonny Miller all impressed me. I missed a lot this year didn’t manage to catch several people I don’t normally miss but I guess I was very caught up in the moment this time.

One glaring omission from the highlights above is Jasper Street Company, I can’t begin to describe the energy and emotion they brought to the finale. It is something I will never forget. They chewed me up and spat me out then proceeded to do it again. Those who where with me saw how emotional I got and that in turn became infectious as we all shared a moment.

Alex, Dave and all involved that was one truly special weekend. I feel elated, inspired and energised. Thank you so very much.

See you next May……….?


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  1. Nice description Steve and great to have a quick chat through the window. Can’t believe I missed Jasper St Co – still recovering from Saturday night and saving myself for the after party. Luckily there is a video of the whole performance of such good quality that I had “a moment” watching it in bed understanding what it must have been like to have been there. This also was supposed to be our last but have decided we’ll be back next year as this was my best weekender yet. How will the team possibly top it?….

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