Suncebeat Croatia

Just over 2 weeks ago a friend posted on Facebook that he had a spare ticket for this years Suncebeat festival in Croatia, Could I go?
Turns out I could. I did not regret the decision! After swapping names on flights etc, organizing the logistics all in a couple of days I was soon on my way to meet my new Birmingham family. Big respect to Captain Comarsh and the gang for the invite and good times.
After staying the night it was time to pick up the gang have a bite to eat and get to the airport, After boarding the plane I got the instant feeling it was going to be a fun weekend as Mike managed to reduce the air hostess to fits of laughter in the middle of the safety speech. She literally had to stop more than once because of laughing!
Laughs the entire journey to the amazingly beautiful village of Tisno.
We check into a rather nice apartment had a quick spruce up and headed out. The festival was in the next bay across the water so the first challenge was how do we get there? Turns out regular water taxis are right on our doorstep so the 6 of us boarded a small speed boat and headed across. As we turned the corner the amazing site of the beach stage loomed upon us. What a site! Sarah Foote was playing the place was jumping and we all looked at each other with massive smiles. This is it!
We jumped onto land and quickly got in the thick of it.
From this point forward things get very hazy, Always a sign of a good lads weekend.
After Sarah’s set we grabbed a taxi and headed to the club. It was a little further than I would have liked so only did the trip twice in my time here. We arrived to the sounds of Southport resident and top man Kev Beadle followed by UK Champion Phil Asher, really good to dance under the starts and be in such great company. We all got a little mash up and called it a night on Phil’s last track.

Day two (Friday) we arose early and headed back to the beach stage to soak up sets from Terry Jones, Steve Butler, Craig Smith.
7PM came around and time for a party boat. Phil Asher started off nicely bringing us soulful and acid laced vibes followed by Andy Ward who really got it jumping. Kyle Hall was up next and if I am honest it didn’t seem to fit with the other DJ’s, Kyle was all smiles but it didn’t seem like a party boat set more in place for a dark techno club at 5am. Dennis Ferrer pulled it back and had the entire boat singing “how do I let go” all in all a brilliant party coupled with the sea sunset and good friends.
We disembarked to find DJ Harvey in full flow. Left field disco was the order of the day and the beach stage was lapping it up. Lots of energy throughout. Nothing more to say than great music, atmosphere, dancers and friends.

Saturday was more of the same (It was hard for me to stay away from the beach stage) Highlights where an amazing set from Lefto sweet jazz vibes and more perfect summer tunes. After this I headed to the main stage for Jazzanova live. Definitely a highlight brilliant line and the liter of Gin and Tonic really helped. A little worse for wear I headed back to the beach for a naughty dip in the water then sat on the beach star gazing until sun up.

Another early rise or did I actually sleep? Who knows. Anyway after another swim I felt fresh (sort of) grabbed some food and hung out meeting friends old and new. Gavin Kendrick played an absolute perfect selection and set my mood for the entire day. Gavin well done sir!
I danced and drunk through listening to Phil Asher, Kev Beadle, Rich Medina and MCDE all where great but have to say Rich Medina is no joke! He smashed that stage to another level and is a really nice guy too. Thanks for the T-shirt hook up Rich.
After a day like that I was not ready to sleep and managed to loose the gang, Sorry lads did a disappearing act on you. I headed to Barbarella’s for Spinna and Francois K. I didn’t want to miss that.
I boarded the coach and headed out. When I arrived the time’s had been changed and Francois was already on. I have always liked the way he plays and soon found myself shuffling away. Spinna followed but I have to admit I wasn’t feeling it. It seemed slightly predictable or maybe I was just drunk tired and was ready for my bed. Love Spinna to bits but my time was done. I jumped on a bus back and crashed out heavy.

Monday was home day but still managed to soak up the beach stage one last time, Little Stevie slammed some drum and bass. I was shocked it didn’t seem right at 2PM in 38 degree heat but he had people jumping. He had already said he had not packed anything mellow and that concerned me. Saying that people obviously enjoyed it. Time to go long journey home and nuff sleep to get.

Croatia and Tisno itself is a beautiful place and recommend you take a trip even if its just once.

A massive thanks to the Birmingham crew you are all top lads and I loved the entire trip. Respect to Alex, Dave,all the DJ’s and the friendly people I met along the way.

See some of you in September VB here we come 🙂

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