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The juggling act of Life

Hi people

It has been a while since I last posted and as I contemplate things I am once again compelled to put the virtual pen to paper. Over the last year or so I have been totally blessed to have been booked to play some amazing events as well as building on our Brighter Days parties. This has meant DJing almost every weekend sometimes 2 or 3 times in a weekend. Amazing right? Yes it is but its also a challenge. This is not my full time job I work days too, add to this a family including grand children and the urge to still produce music at times does not leave much time for other things such as writing this blog.

Some of the gigs are totally great, some not so much but we take the rough with the smooth and always try to give the best we can. The good ones totally make up for the average ones. On to our own Brighter Days parties, Completely loving the behind the scenes organisation and such that is involved in this especially some of the bigger things we have planned such as the SummerHouse one day festival in August. Its a massive undertaking and at times the simplest of tasks such as programming of DJ times can be incredibly complex for a host of reasons. Yes I get grumpy and yes people can be a total pain in the arse when they  get a slot that is not what they hoped for, if only they realised just how hard it can be organising so many DJ’s from different locations all hoping for those “prime” sets in front of a busy crowd. The roller coaster of emotions kick in. Despite that and all the rest of the stuff that most do not see behind the scenes when the day arrives and those smiling people turn out and have an amazing day it becomes all worth while. As we plan SummerHouse we are also busy planning 3 gigs in Ibiza and a BIG party in November. Keep the 17th free and we will announce next week it all goes to plan, its also my birthday party 😉 Totally mad when I try and take stock on what we are doing.

As we are firmly in Summer I am looking forward to Suncebeat followed by a short break in Cornwall before the Margate Soul Festival so July is looking like a bit of a break and a bit of a party.

This probably sounds like another ramble and it is but thats kind of where my head is at when I am juggling all of this. If you have messaged me for a guest mix, asking for an ID, wanting to borrow a tenner or just saying hi and I have not replied please do not take offence as you can see I am incredibly busy and sometimes things get missed or forgotten, its not personal.

To finish off here are some dates I have confirmed

22nd June – White Hart Hertford
29th June – Lodge Ware
18th August – SummerHouse Cambridge
18th August – Brighter Days After Party
26th August – Bump N Hustle Bournemouth
8th September – Tulp Ibiza
8th September – Plastik Ibiza
9th September Wi-Ki-Woo Ibiza
10th September – Es Paradis Ibiza
14/15/16th September – Vocal Booth Spain
29th September – Herd Bedford
17th November – Brighter Days Cambridge

Whatever you do do it the best you can, take the rough with the smooth , work hard at it and it will pay rewards.

Till next time


  1. Get your enthusiasm, but the underlying message that comes across here is, look at all my DJ gigs (i’ll even list em for ya) and everyone is asking me for a mix and track IDs.

    Dont mean to pee on your bonfire, but just some honest feedback as how it comes across. Certainly does not come across as quietly passionate.

    1. I see your point, saying that I am totally proud that all the hard work over many years has got me to this stage, Im more than happy to shout about the bookings I am getting. Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to comment.

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