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The Revolve Radio Show 93 – A personal mix

Hi All, hope you are well?

This weeks Revolve showcased a 2 hour section of a mix I did a couple of years ago, recorded when I first got the news that it was unlikely Mandy would recover and the cancer had won. Feeling devastated I went home and did the only thing I could to get through and played music. I played for around 8 hours straight that night, very emotional. I did record it but only managed to capture 4 hours due to the stick being full and in my mindset had not thought to check it. I didn’t listen to music for a long time after recording this which in itself was very alien and traumatic.

Below is the full 4 hours as it was recorded, no talking just 100% sweet soulful house music, all vocals, no dubs or clever mixes, just a piece of me poured out through the tunes, I’m very happy I have got to place in which I feel I can share this with you. Enjoy x

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