The White Isle

Those that know me well will tell you I have been doing this DJ thing since the 80’s and for some strange reason I have never made it to that clubbing sun drenched mecca they call Ibiza. I have said many times (along with Miami WMC) I have missed the glory days and am not bothered about desperately trying to get there. So to my surprise I am heading out late this week to experience the goings on for myself. Although I don’t intend on checking many of the big super clubs I will be having a few nights outs.

I will be attending the Soul Heaven pool party hosted by Vocal Booth head honcho Andy Ward and some choice family members.Well how could I not really! I will also be playing a small early doors set at EsVive after the pool party. Who knows what else I may get dragged along too.

Mad as it may seem I want to try and find a reasonably quite beach to chill out on but as its party season I have a feeling this will not happen.

I am really looking forward to hanging out with some good friends and soaking up the vibe. I guess its another destination ticket off the list.

Life continues to be full of surprises and things are still positive.

Get in touch if you are heading out this weekend, who knows we may grab a beer together.

Stay Safe

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