Vinyl vs Digital DJ’s

So this is a subject that seems to be discussed over and over again.
Established old time DJ’s putting down anyone that uses a laptop blah blah. Laptop DJing does not take any skill. All you do is stare at a screen. The computer does it all for you etc etc.

Sometimes the people saying such things really do suprise me.
A certain very talented known American DJ recently posted on facebook

Lap Top Dj’s Note To Urself U R Not A Dj: U R An Data Entry Specialist (Which Is Not Good)

I really struggle to agree with this comment. Yes you input your songs on to the lapptop but then a vinyl DJ selects songs and puts them into his record bag.
Another point raised was with Vinyl its more hands on. To an extent yes but these days with physical controlers I will say that this is as hands on as CDJ’s or Turntables.
You stare at the screen all the time. Actually again not really If you know the software well and use a controller then you dont need too, in fact you probably look at it less than someone using vinyl who has to turn his back on the crowd to select the next piece of wax.
You see for every negative point there is another view.
Its a personal preference at the end of the day.
I love vinyl and always will but I also find the digital age exciting and for me it opens up creative opportunities.
Yes the sync button will beat match (modern house not disco etc) but that is only a small part of DJing.

I could go on and on but please people do YOUR THING be good at it but respect the choices of others. Just becuase you dont choose that path it does not mean its the wrong path.

End of rant


  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! There’s no question in my mind that vinyl is harder work, and I can understand vinyl djs being miffed that us digital djs have managed to avoid the blood, sweat and tears associated with becoming a skilled vinyl dj, but I’d honestly rather have more time to focus on my collection of music and my track selection, which I think makes a set.


  2. who cares how you get the music playing ,iam a old school dj ,but i also have my controller tractors4 and i love it ,the most important thing is get the people dancing ,they dont care what you use ,also be creative you do that with your turntables and with the controller as well

  3. I find it funny that it seems to be one side of this argument that rages far more than the other. I’ll be concise and keep this to two points.
    1. As someone who’s built a career in media production, it reminds me of the days of early digital video production with “old school” film producers raging on about the “feel” of film, the “purity” of their craft, and the “quality” of the product. But in the end, those dinosaurs died, or they evolved, because the world doesn’t have time for dinosaurs.

    2. I don’t see these same “vinyl-addicts” banging on the electronic artists that produce the tracks they love. Oh, they’ll kill a digital dj for using tools that make mixing more efficient and creative, but do they limit they’re record collection to only those artists who still create using keyboard synths and hardware? Not likely…electronic music producers are continually updating they’re tools with many of the newest, banging artists completely building tracks with digital software like Reason…then dub plating the track for all those “purists”.

    I don’t own any vinyl…it costs too much, and its too difficult to maintain and support. Long live one and zeros…

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