Vocal Booth 2014 Part Two

Why two separate posts on Vocal booth this year? Well an extra personal dimension was added to the event this year and marked a first for me. A few weeks before the event Andy Ward decided to offer the vocal parts of a song he had written for the event up for a remix. The vocalist Sofia Rubina performed at the very first Vocal Booth weekender so it was always going to hold a special place for anyone that had attended that first party. I was up for the challenge so set about writing some beats. How would I do this justice? I felt it needed a classic soulful house sound reflecting the weekender so quickly drafted in Brian Keys Tharme to lay down some music. He very quickly grasped the vibe we needed and turned the session around in super quick time. This seemed to fall into place easily and began to think I may actually be able to finish this before the event. I set around arranging and mixing. After a few days I sent a draft back to Andy who instantly said he liked it. He suggested that maybe a live bass player would be the icing on the cake so proceeded to contact another Vocal Booth Family member Slikk Tim who proceeded to lay down the perfect bass line. Shaping up nicely! almost done this was really turning out to be special not only was I very happy with the track it was being purely built around the Vocal Booth Family in all respects. One last this it needed a pro mastering job, again Andy pulled out the stops and asked Martin Atjazz to sprinkle his mix and mastering magic on the song. Done in the nick of time complete with a PA track all ready for Sofia to perform my version poolside at the Vocal Booth. Really? I found myself saying, she will sing my version live? Gulp! Needless to say I was very excited as I have never had one of my tracks performed live let alone something like this at my favourite party with a singer that means so much to many at this event. Sunday came around and Sofia began to perform, I dashed around front to hear it on that system and soak up the vibe, Seeing everyone smile and hearing Sofia sing it was amazing, a dream come true. I dashed back stage to see things from another angle and was greeted by Mark Stone who was bopping around to it, big smiles and a hug he didn’t even have to say anything I was beaming. Sofia performed 2 more tracks and I was buzzing. then it happened Simon Schoolboy Phillips beamed at me and shook my hand, that was it he set me off unable to contain the emotion I blubbed. Moments like this are what makes life worth living and are also what makes the Vocal Booth Weekender so special. Everyone involved in the track has attended Vocal Booth so it really was a family affair and Sofia really did BRING THAT VIBE. Massive thanks to Andy for making it all happen, the song the Vocal booth and the Family Vibe! Thanks to Sergi for capturing it all on film. Here is some footage of Sofia performing Bring That Vibe the Blackwax Soul Family Remix

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