Vocal Booth 2014

Its that time again, I am back from my favourite yearly party and have shaken off the post event blues.
My poolside DJ set is now available and felt it time to write down some thoughts on this years event.

This year found a different dimension for many as new people joined us and some regulars where unable to attend. Things seemed a little less hectic and most found themselves talking to people outside of there usual circles and making new friends. The daytimes seemed even more chilled and blissed out than usual and the summer heat was blistering this year. So many musical highlights its hard to name them all but here are a few sets that stuck in my mind.

Mr Miggs and Ben Copin teamed up this year for a back to back poolside set, This worked incredibly well and I heard a lot of tracks I didn’t know, also got to hear a track from their new Journeymen EP over that system. Well done lads!

Frank Ainsworth, Great soul poolside set so many tracks I had not heard in years, definitely not the usual soul classics. I am looking forward to the podcast on that one.

Ricky Reid Club set. Ricky’s set by the pool have always been received well so I was intrigued to hear him in the club, He certainly delivered switching things up with some great classic that went down very well. Ricky really stayed true to himself.

Richie Barthez and Jimmy Ellis Club set, perfectly played set of deep house (the good kind) programmed well and timed to perfection for the time slot.

Gary Ward and Paul Griff, Club set same as Richie and Jimmy except the end of the night, great music and enough jokes on the last record, if you missed the end I am sure you will see the bonkers tops of videos, you had to be there!

Mad Matts Club set, what can I say totally smashed it for me this man is so versatile a DJ’s DJ.

So many more sets that where great but my memory is fading and I can’t mention you all. Everyone did a sterling job and the residents really stole the show for me this year, they built the event but truly showed there worth this year without a doubt.

The decor this year was also superb and really helped add an extra something special to the event as well as helping with acoustics. This leads me on to Gillman Audio. We have all raved on about his poolside system but this year he pulled out all the stops and sprinkled that magic in the club. It has never sound so good and has already been highly praised by international DJ’s such as Rocco. This is certainly an integral part of the event. If you have not been think about it for next year it truly is something special. Part two covering the rest of the week to follow soon.

Lastly here is a recording of my Friday opening poolside set to stream or download



Track list

White Elephant – Sir John

BJ Smith – Hey Ya

Terry Callier – Dancing Girl

Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar – Soulpersona edit

Bob Marley- Is This Love – Pid Piper Edit

Pharell – Happy – Cousin Cole Reggae Mix

Blu James – Walk On

Diego and Kaidi – Don’t Remain The Same

Tall Black Guy – The Motor Is Running

Classic Beats & Sixteen Stone  – Mary May

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper

Fred Wesley – House Party

Chaka Khan – Move Me No Mountain

George Benson – Love Will Come Again – Joey Negro Edit

Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It – Todd Terje Edit

Pharell – gust of wind – Yamhoo Edit

Eric Roberson  – Summertime Anthem

A Few Good Men – All Of My Love

Starvue – Body Fusion

Flowers – For Real

Archie Bell – Don’t Let Love Get You Down

Sly and the Family Stone – Family affair


  1. Nice one Steve. Thanks for sharing the memories. Lovely looking tracklist. Looking forward to getting this on 😉 Be well brother

  2. Cheers Steve, your comments mean a lot to me mate. Oh and thanks for the trip back to 76 with Archie Bell – quality!

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