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Vocal Booth Weekender 2018 Full Line Up Announced

Its 2018 and somewhat of a milestone. Who would have thought back in 2009 that the much loved VB weekender would be what it has become? Im fairly certain head honcho Andy had no idea when he first mentioned a few friends come over to Spain for a little party it would morph and grow into what it is now.

Many of us are very emotionally attached to the event and if you know anything about the event I am sure you have heard it said many times we have made friends for life through the event. We (those that attend year after year) use the phrase family a lot, Well thats because we all feel like thats what it is. My entire social circle has changed since first attending. Many of us get together regularly for events at each others houses and some of us even run our own events now.

So when the line up is announced we all get very excited. As well as being proud of what we created looking at the DJ line up fills us all with joy. Not hard to see why the line up is world class and dare I say it stands out on its own.  Just take a look for yourself.

For more information and tickets click here

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