Why I Make Music

So exactly why do I make music?

Well its certainly not for fame or money as the music I make is very niche.

Is it for extra DJ gig’s then? That may well be a very small part but as I do not actively push myself for DJ work then there is little point no? For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with soul and dance music in many forms. This is of course what lead me into DJ’ing all those years ago. I have always liked the idea of making my own music but I am not a musician neither did I think it was possible for me to do it. Pre the PC/DAW virtual world we live in now you had to go to a professional studio unless you knew somebody that had some hardware at home. This hardware was far from cheap.

Moving on to the present things are very different. You can create a makeshift studio at home on a budget and with programs such as Cubase, Logic, Ableton etc being easily accesable (even if not legally obtained)

I Started for me when I got a Playstation one and a a “game” ( the exact name escapes me) that enabled me to arrange loops and drums in some sort of musical fashion. I spent hours playing around with that thing!

A few friends had already started to experiment with early version of cubase but it was a fair while before I went down that route as at the time financially such things where way out of my reach. After Blackwax records closed I found myself with a career change and moved into the world of I.T. This taught me how to build PC’s from scratch and eventually led on to obtaining a copy of Cubase SX3. I openly admit at that time it was not a legal copy but had I not started with that I very much doubt I would be making music today. It actually led on to me going it legit and purchasing Cubase as well as NI Maschine, M-Audio Monitors, a Saffire 6 Sound card and more. I am happy to say my set up is now fully legal.

It took me around 3 months to even get a sound from Cubase frustrated was not the word! I muddled my way around and eventually was able to create some form of music.These early works where never meant to be heard by anyone outside of my house. Eventually I thought I need some feedback and pointers to be able to progress (up to now I was completely self taught) I made the decision to hand a track to a few taste makers, peers and friends. The feedback from friends was confusing, most gave very high praise. This did not add up I knew the tracks where not of a high standard then why such high praise? On the other hand some of my peers gave extremely honest constructive criticism. These are the people I still send my tracks too now and I am very grateful for there guidance and honesty. I will never forget the first time I heard a DJ play one of my tracks in a club (Matter in London).  I was stood on the dance floor and thought I recognise this, Wow its mine, I smiled a small smile but then at a certain point in the music a number of people dancing let out great yell. You know that moment when the track drops and you just have to shout and cheer. It took me completely by suprise, I did not expect that reaction. The small smile was now a huge grin. I remember thinking now THIS is why I am making music.

To this day that track has never been released and its never going to be. Every track I make I do it for the enjoyment of creating something, I love the process even if it can be frustrating as hell at times. I am always surprised when I get an offer of a remix or a signing of an original production. If anything I make makes people move , smile or shout with happiness on a dance floor then that is all the reward I need.

Why did I write this down? Its a bit of a ramble really, just getting my thoughts down. It was inspired by 2 people that have always helped, guided and advised over the last few years and continue to do so. They will rename nameless here but I am sure they both know who they are.

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